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The suite is a "gallery" of sorts.

It's a collection of God's love and truth displayed through a variety of gifts given to j.Kyle. The expression of these gifts have been created on distinct canvases throughout j.Kyle's life from the most sincere and genuine palettes of experiences.

The suite was built to display, uplift, encourage, and entertain the heart and mind of the visitor. We invite you to pull up a seat and enjoy the collective work of the Heart...refined.

Welcome to the LifeGrooming Suite! 


It’s difficult to find a label that fits j.Kyle the best. He is a son to his mother, a brother to his siblings, a teacher to many, a mentor to a few, and to himself, a “reformed church kid” who has finally found his true identity in Christ.


He is a man whose heart has been radically changed and whose mind has been greatly challenged by the love, truth, and grace of Jesus Christ to become all that God has created him to be.


For 20 years, he has served as a useful resource to those seeking inspiration, help, and advice. He finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. A few years ago he started writing about his passions, thoughts, and curious wonderings about the world and our role in it as believers. He founded "LifeGrooming: TheCompany" with a mission to share his discoveries and heart in an effort to help others see God's truth with a fresh perspective that can heal the brokenness that they've adopted as their own identity. 


Take some time to explore the blogs, listen to the podcasts & read some interesting poetry, and even do a lil shopping! If you would like to collaborate on a project together with him or hire him as a speaker for your next engagement make sure you leave your information on the contact page.


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