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Angela Premchan,
Education Leader
Paul Mitchell The School Schenectady

J.Kyle was a great inspiration to  our future professionals by guiding, helping but more importantly motivating them by listening to their questions and challenges. 


Erika L. Grassi, Former Student

J. Kyle (known as Mr. O), wasn’t just a teacher I had while attending Paul Mitchell. O, was someone who outwardly, and actively believed in me. Not just on a teacher student level, but in me as a person. He provided spiritual guidance that got me through one of the most difficult times in my life, and through many one on one conversations guided me towards believing in myself again, and I am so appreciative that he’s become a friend. 


Richard Daley,

Former Director

Paul Mitchell The School Schenectady

Mr. Owens as we knew him at Paul Mitchell The School Schenectady was not only an excellent teacher and mentor, he was an invaluable asset to the team. He brought cheer, inspiration, and excitement to his classes, the staff, and everybody around him. He has a gift for speaking and inspiring, and pours his heart and passion into whatever he sets his sights on. Filled with dedication and insight, Mr. Owens is not someone you want to miss out on.

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